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Discover how SONIO's Identity Orchestration Platform caters to diverse industries, empowering businesses to achieve their goals with cutting-edge KYC solutions.

Online Gaming

Elevate your online gaming experience with SONIO. Navigate through complex regulatory requirements in Europe and LATAM while deterring fraudsters seamlessly.

Financial Services

Secure the legitimacy of user identity with SONIO's "one-stop-shop" solutions for financial services. Stay on top of AML and compliance effortlessly.


Effortlessly check-in your guests in a secure and paperless manner with SONIO's frictionless ID verification. Create customer loyalty and increase convenience with the re-usable Identity feature.


Prevent fraudsters from onboarding and seamlessly verify the right users for your carsharing service with SONIO's fraud prevention tools and instant ID/Driver's license verification.

We empower businesses to achieve their goals with cutting-edge KYC solutions

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Fraud Prevention

Eliminate potential fraudsters, synthetic identities, and threats directly “at the door” with SONIO’s advanced fraud prevention. Elevate the onboarding experience by risk profiling users and ensuring the legitimacy of users identity.

Proof of Identity

ID Verification

Instantly verify the identity of the users spanning over 200 countries and over 6000 document types.

Revolutionary Passive Liveness check to eliminate fraud without for frictionless experience



Seamlessly verify users through open banking while ensuring their data matches official bank records.


National and third party Databases

Cross-checking the identity details against verified users in different regions including US, Brazil, Mexico, among others.

Proof of Address

Databases – Validate and verify the address instantly.


Automated Document Read-Out – Forget the manual reading of document – extracting the important information to verify the address, in any language, has never been easier.


Stay on top of local or global compliance with SONIO’s suite of AML, PEPs, Adverse Media checks to ensure regulatory conformity.


Whether to increase the wagering limits or simply better understand the financial conformity of a users, SONIO’s suite of XS2A/Open Banking, Credit Score Checks and Automated Document Read-Out will provide the necessary accuracy and automation every compliance department needs.

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